$\vec{w}h\alpha\mathfrak{t}\;\; i\mathbb{S}\ldots$


Dominic Bunnett (TU Berlin)
2019/10/10, 09:30 (sharp!)
Before the talk by Orsola Tommasi at the "Opening conference of the thematic semester in algebraic geometry" .
FU Berlin, at room HS A (ground floor), Arnimallee 22
About what?

$M_{g,n}$ is an algebraic variety which parameterises isomorphism classes of smooth curves of genus g and n marked points. The study of $M_{g,n}$ goes back to Riemann in 1857 and has been an object of study ever since, although the first rigorous construction is due to Mumford in 1965. We give a gentle introduction to the construction of $M_{g,n}$ and the techniques used to study its geometry.