$\vec{w}h\alpha\mathfrak{t}\;\; \forall\mathbb{R}\varepsilon\ldots$

32, 462, 4224, ... counting?

Jean-Philippe Labbé (FU Berlin)
2019/10/11, 09:30 (sharp!)
Before the talk by Francisco Santos at the "Opening conference of the thematic semester in algebraic geometry" .
FU Berlin, at room HS A (ground floor), Arnimallee 22
About what?

Symmetry is a central concept in many areas of mathematics, if not all of them. In this talk, I will present an intriguing numerical coincidence bridging two seemingly unrelated objects — the first one coming from representation theory, the second from discrete geometry — where symmetry could be the culprit. Confirming the guilt of symmetry would shed new light on both objects, and perhaps help to solve some conjecture in discrete geometry.