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epidemic modeling?

Johannes Zonker (FU Berlin)
2022/04/29, 13:00
Before the MATH+ Friday Colloquium by Dr. Max von Kleist (abstract, video recording)
TU Berlin, Hardenbergstraße 36 (directions)
Eugene-Paul-Wigner-Gebäude (EW), Lecture hall EW 201
About what?

While the spreading of infectious diseases has already been a popular research area for a long time, since the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic almost everyone (including non-mathematicians) has at least heard about the term epidemic modeling. The goal of this talk is to provide an introduction to the basic concepts and core assumptions of epidimic models as well as an overview of common model types. Among the different model types we will focus on the widely used compartmental ODE models and related network and metapopulation approaches.
Slides are available here.