$\vec{w}h\alpha\mathfrak{t}\;\; i\mathbb{S}\ldots$

a Coulomb gas?

Prof. Dr. Gaëtan Borot (HU Berlin)
2021/02/05, 13:00
Before the MATH+ Friday Colloquium by Prof. Sylvia Serfaty (abstract, video recording)
Due to the current situation, the talk takes place online, via zoom. The meeting link has been sent out via the usual mailing lists; please contact the organisers if you have not received the email and would like to join the talk.
About what?

I will explain some physical and mathematical motivations underlying the study of Coulomb gases (and more generally, of repulsive particle systems) and set up natural questions about the macroscopic and microscopic properties of such models. In the way we will introduce the notion of equilibrium measure, large deviation principles, and Gaussian free field.
Prof. Borot allowed us to share his slides; you can find them here.